Know you need to make changes but aren't sure where to start? Maybe you're in charge of the website — but there are stakeholders with radically different ideas of what success means? Or the website content has grown now to the point that is cumbersome (or impossible) to navigate? 

We can get you where you need to be.

Let us facilitate a (highly participatory) workshop to align your stakeholder group, define what success means to your business or organization, and create a plan of action.

Think of it as a Website Intervention with a panel of experts. We bring a truly cross-functional team so we can cover all aspects critical to your website, from brand experts to web developers, SEO wizards to content strategists. Our mission is to leave you with a bucket full of ideas, insights and inspirations — along with a firm understanding of how to get where you want to go.

We offer our workshops in two forms:

Website Quick Start

1 Day Workshop


  • Preliminary questionnaire or call to review and assess the website and get familiar with the major challenges.
  • Set the agenda that's right for your situation and your available time. We shape the workshop to focus on the factors that matters most -- customer experience, brand impression, competitive differentiation, technology roadmap, etc.

Day of the Workshop:

  • Facilitated group and topic-specific breakout sessions. We ask a lot of questions and generate a lot of ideas drawn from our experience and the insights you share.
  • Whiteboarding to envision a transformed experience and the anticipated benefits.


  • Strategic presentation summarizing findings and vision for the UX transformation.
  • Summary document with specific recommendations and roadmap.
  • If desired, proposal(s) for any aspect.

Website Transformation
Deep Dive

2-3 Day Workshop


  • Discovery meeting(s) to review and assess the website and capture robust picture of the challenges -- business drivers, market landscape, brand promise, visitor behaviors, etc.
  • Research and analysis based upon discovery, resulting in an initial set of ideas and recommendations to fuel workshop discussion.
  • A set agenda that will maximize our time with stakeholders and take advantage of the expertise in the room.

Day of the Workshop:

  • Facilitated group and topic-specific breakout sessions focused on exploring and refining the brand, messaging, and technology factors that will are critical to a cohesive and potent website plan.
  • Interactive whiteboarding sessions to visualize the potential transformation, documenting possible approaches and capturing critical success factors to guide decision-making down the road.


  • Strategic presentation summarizing findings and vision for the UX transformation.
  • Strategic Brief document with findings and recommendations weighted for impact and priority.
  • Proposed approach with specific milestones and success metrics derived from our discussions.
  • If desired, a budgetary recommendation.
  • User Research & Prototypes

    We don't make assumptions to understand your users. We shadow and talk to them — and then leverage user-centered design practices to craft an optimized website UX. Then, we test the new experience with actual users to make sure we got it right before moving to development. 

  • Targeted UX Assessment

    Have a particular section of your website or user flow that isn't performing the way you need it to? Our usability experts can do a targeted assessment to identify the issues and recommend solutions that can be implemented without a complete overhaul.

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