After all, if your site doesn’t make sense to them, what’s the point? We work quickly to get the lay of the land, pouring over any past research — personas, analytics, survey results, and interview transcripts — to understand where your users are coming from and where they want to go.

We then meet them wherever they are — in the field, at the office, or over screenshare. We structure our conversations with your audiences to get to the heart of what they need to be best served.

Then we craft a new experience based on that insight, showing them that you LISTENED. And delivered. 

Here's some food for thought:

Why do User Research?

  • Tap into the motivations of your visitor or customer groups and organize your thinking to address their particular needs
  • Unlock the mystery of how people actually perceive and interact with your content or features
  • Achieve and maintain proper focus on highest priority user types to optimize your performance and return on investment
  • Facilitate analysis and perpetual improvement over time

Why Prototype?

  • See your new website come to life in a browser or on the actual devices that your visitors will be using
  • Accelerate project efficiency by centralizing stakeholder feedback within the prototyping tool 
  • Enable more efficient development through contextual annotation and requirement specification
  • Facilitate more accurate budgeting and planning for development by clearly visualizing scope for successive phases
  • Craft and validate an extensible visual brand architecture (UI Kit) that carries forward to implementation and beyond
  • Design & Build

    Planning for a smooth implementation is just as important as getting the design right, and our collaborative approach ensures both happen. From frequent touch points to validate design plans to our prototyping tool that allows for easy technical annotations, our designers and developers are tightly aligned to ensure your new website looks and functions exactly as you'd expect.

  • Managed Services & Ongoing Support

    Whether you need day-to-day technical support, regular help writing or posting content, or want us to focus on bigger, strategic site enhancements, we can work with you to shape the right plan that will ensure your website can evolve and grow right in step with your organization or business.

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