Building a platform involves trade-offs of time, energy, resources and money.  As you look to build out your SaaS solution, LookThink can help drive success by aiding in the following areas:


Product Ideation

One of the most common challenges we see for start-ups and established SaaS companies alike is the need for fresh, creative thinking around a product, a workflow, a function, or even a screen. That influx of energy requires: 

  • Facilitated ideation to capture key insights from your team and your customers 
  • Competitive analysis to uncover the best opportunities to differentiate and delight customers 
  • Sketching and low-fidelity prototyping to lay the groundwork for a contemporary and compelling vision of your platform

Prototyping and User Testing

The best investment you can make to avoid time and money wasted during development is to validate your plans with real customers. LookThink’s prototype-driven UX process allows you to:

  • Rapidly explore and define your platform’s experience before committing key functions to development sprints
  • Test the new experience with real customers to challenge or fine tune the experience where necessary
  • Demonstrate the vision and intended functionality to partners and investors while the development is in progress

Branding and User Experience

The look, feel and overall interaction style of your platform is how your SaaS customers experience you as a company. Shortchanging this aspect of your platform can:

  • Undermine features that meet or exceed what your competition offers
  • Lead to users rejecting a platform at first glance
  • Convey the wrong tone leading a misrepresentation of your brand 

LookThink leverages our experience in developing and optimizing SaaS platforms to ensure that your experience delivers on your brand promise.

  • Enterprise Migration

    LookThink understands that as an enterprise engages with a new SaaS platform there are many issues to navigate. We have seen that creating a great user experience on a new platform is key to adoption and success, and our SaaS migration strategy addresses common pitfalls.

  • Platform Design & Development

    If you have an established SaaS platform and need to build out advanced or custom capabilities, LookThink can partner with you to deliver rapid, highly intuitive solutions that complement and extend the core SaaS experience, and are maintainable over time and additional releases.

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