LookThink understands that as an enterprise engages with a new SaaS platform there are many issues to navigate. We have seen that creating a great user experience on a new platform is key to adoption and success, and our SaaS migration strategy addresses common pitfalls.

Creating a great user experience on a new platform is key to adoption and success. Our SaaS migration strategy addresses focuses on the following common challenges businesses must consider and plan for: 


Using an out-of-the-box solution is an excellent means of launching a tool quickly — but oftentimes a small amount of customization significantly improves employee and customer satisfaction with the platform. We have the experience and technical capability to:

  • Identify the best opportunities for customization by assessing out-of-the-box functionality, your competitive marketplace, the flexibility of the platform, and the ROI of potential customizations
  • Validate (or challenge) the plans for customization via interactive prototyping and user testing 
  • Implement the customizations alongside your existing development sprints and in a manner that avoids the need for continuous custom development


Standardized user interaction patterns make software easier to learn, faster to use, and more productive for users, which we explore and validate via prototyping and user testing. When applications work consistently across functions, users are empowered to:

  • Explore and take advantage of platform capabilities
  • Quickly create interaction habits without realizing it
  • Intuitively uncover features and functions they are seeking


Integrating a new SaaS system into an existing infrastructure poses challenges for user flow, navigation, SSO, and information flow and retrieval. LookThink can ease this process by: 

  • Paying special attention to issues such as task completion, notifications across platforms, and movement between legacy systems and the new SaaS system
  • Strategizing with stakeholders to determine the best plan for introducing the new platform to users to ensure smooth user adoption
  • Aligning with the development teams and/or providing hands-on support to achieve a unified user experience across the entire system
  • Platform Ideation & Envisioning

    LookThink understands that building a platform involves trade-offs of time, energy, resources, and money. As you look to build out your SaaS solution, LookThink can help drive success by building the detailed roadmap that will take you from idea to live product.

  • Platform Design & Development

    If you have an established SaaS platform and need to build out advanced or custom capabilities, LookThink can partner with you to deliver rapid, highly intuitive solutions that complement and extend the core SaaS experience, and are maintainable over time and additional releases.

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