Exceed the competition.

The platforms we use for social and personal interaction are extremely intuitive and highly designed — and expectations for business software have evolved to meet that standard. If your SaaS service doesn't measure up, users will move to another solution.

LookThink crafts and implements web-based solutions for the day-to-day business platforms that run your world, from data management to customer service to financial transactions. We are hyper-focused on improving the metrics that matter most such as employee adoption, productivity, and customer satisfaction. 

Explore our process

LookThink asked questions others didn't — and as a result, our new platform accomplished more than we expected. They continue to be a close partner, helping us mature our presence as the market and our offerings evolve.

- Karla Gill, Chief Innovation Officer at ICMA-RC

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Whether you're a start-up or an established business,
we get what you are up against.


UX For Business Apps

  • Identify the business needs underserved by your current solution
  • Determine best path moving forward - update current solution, new custom solution, or configurable COTS product
  • Narrow in on opportunities for biggest business impact and create roadmap to get there
  • Prototype and test key user flows with existing customers prior to implementation
  • Coordinate with development cycles to release new functionality

UX For Start Ups

  • Outside insight and experience to shape product vision and identify best technology stack
  • Competitive analysis to assess marketplace and craft plan for differentiation
  • Define path to MVP and roadmap for feature enhancements
  • Visualize and test requirements based on user type via interactive prototypes
  • Fill design or development gaps in your team, short- or long-term