Salesforce's Service Cloud provides an unmatched customer service experience while reducing your costs. Your interaction with customers is central to everything you do and Salesforce's Service Cloud helps you serve those customers across all channels. From self-service to live chat to call center management, Service Cloud lets you and your agents have a 360 view of your customers experience.

Service Cloud is the obvious choice for customer-focused businesses — but if your platform is not specifically designed for your employee needs, you risk low adoption, higher training costs, more time resolving customer issues, and overall lower ROI on your customer service investments. 

Whether you need to cut total handle time for calls, reducing staff bottlenecks or integrate smart training that rapidly improves agents proficiency, LookThink can maximize your investment in Service Cloud and drive employee satisfaction along the way.

  • $3,217,500

    Annual savings

    A hospitality client reduced training time by 2 hours per staff member, saving millions annually

  • 30 decrease

    Seconds saved per call

    LookThink's improvements resulted in over 1 million dollars saved

  • $777,000

    Annual savings

    Improved Service Cloud implementation for a car manufacturer

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