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Our UX Transformation Workshops are tailored to your organization's overall challenges AND the needs of your individual stakeholder groups. Leave with a shared vision and a plan to make your users love their experience, increase adoption, and transform your business.  

Developing a shared vision.

During this 1-2 day long UX Transformation Workshop, our team of UX experts will meet with stakeholders and business & platform owners. We share best practices, identify challenges and goals unique to your business, discuss technological requirements, and envision a unified experience for your employees or customers. The end result is a detailed roadmap to a transformed experience that your users love.

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Visit our UX Lab.

This 2-3 day long immersive workshop gives you a chance to see vision in action. By coming to our facilities, you'll spend time with our experts to understand how we uncover user behavior, craft the experience, and test with real users. 

We'll discuss the details of your new or existing Salesforce implementation including clouds, licenses, product suites, and migrations. We'll also assess a possible migration from Classic to Lightning, map out user journeys, and identify key user success metrics for each element of the journey.

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  • Targeted UX Assessment

    Whether for a brand new or existing implementation, this assessment will dive deep into identified functional areas. We'll use our best practices and wireframing tools to reimagine a user-centered workflow that saves time and increases adoption.

  • Platform Envisioning & Validation

    We marry user research and Salesforce parameters to create prototypes that optimize flows across an entire implementation. Before touching code, we test the experience with users -- saving valuable time and money before building.