Whether targeted for a new or existing Salesforce implementation, a LookThink UX Assessment dives deep into your critical functional areas, such as a complex workflow, unused capability, or time-consuming user task. We'll use our best practices and prototyping tools to (re)imagine a user-centered design that saves time and increases adoption. 

We focus our expertise at the extreme level of detail — on fields, labels, layout, spacing, and the actual words on the screen — because in aggregate, those details fuel a more efficient interaction.  

Deliverables from our assessment provide the vision for what the new screens will look like and how they will function. With development ready plans in hand, your development team (or ours) can begin to implement the new experience.


Benefits of UX Assessment:

  • Immediate identification of pitfalls
  • Specific tactics for usability improvement
  • Actionable plans to remedy accessibility issues
  • Leverage findings to inform future platform improvements

Ready to get started?

  • Platform Envisioning & Validation

    We marry user research and Salesforce parameters to create prototypes that optimize flows across an entire implementation. Before touching code, we test the experience with users -- saving valuable time and money before build.

  • Interface Architecture & Build

    Our front-end development experts will provide technical annotation and consultation to bring the prototypes to life. Or, if you'd prefer, we can architect and build out the front-end for you.