We don't make guesses on behalf of your users.

We do thoughtful user research, facilitate deep dive conversations with stakeholders, and rapidly prototype (and iterate) on new experiences before touching any code.  

Our approach saves time, money, and development cycles — and gets you the measurable results your business craves.

Your platform can benefit from our expertise in the following areas:

User Research


  • Salesforce Role & Profile definition for personas
  • Field interviews and shadowing 
  • Adoption research
  • Analysis of platform metrics


  • Gain insight from observing current system behaviors
  • Clarity on user group preferences to inform flows moving forward
  • In-the-field perspective on real-time use of the platform



  • Custom-crafted, clickable prototypes using pre-built Lightning components 
  • Compare and test out-of-the-box Salesforce versus custom components
  • Annotations for development team


  • See the new experience and gather feedback before it's built
  • Centralize feedback to speed up iteration cycles
  • Speed to agreement and executive buy-in
  • Ready for Salesforce development
  • Serve as asset for change management activities



  • Brand assessment and definition across platform 
  • UI Kit optimized for Classic or Lightning


  • Consistent, modern design elevates user experience
  • Unified design language applicable to other platforms that employees or customers interact with

User Testing


  • Develop scripts tailored to each user type
  • A/B testing to verify best experience
  • Collect real-time feedback by observing actual system behaviors or prototyped interactions


  • Incorporate results into on-going prototyping and development
  • Enable faster development cycles 
  • Deploy with confidence

Ready to get started?

  • Interface Architecture & Build

    Our front-end development experts will provide technical annotation and consultation to bring the prototypes to life. Or, if you'd prefer, we can architect and build out the front-end for you.

  • Visualforce to Lightning Migration

    Making the shift to Lightning is rapidly becoming a daunting requirement — but it's also a huge opportunity to optimize your users' experience and improve the overall performance of your platform.