Your School, Your Pricing

LookThink CognoSIS focuses on uniquely customizing your organization's plan for student success, and therefore each pricing proposal is also unique. We spend time with you up front to clearly understand the needs, pain points, goals, and desired outcomes for student success and school operations so we can provide a tailored, specific plan for your student-success journey.



LookThink CognoSIS works closely with your team to create a customized pricing plan unique to your school.


Discovery call to understand your school's needs, goals, and desired outcomes for student success.



Provide proposal on how to accomplish your goals. If needed, we'll introduce a Salesforce representative to help with scoping Salesforce licenses separately.


Begin increasing student outcomes! We'll kick off the project and outline a clear plan.








Pricing Inputs


In order to provide a tailored pricing proposal, we take several inputs into account, such as:

  • Number of students
  • Number of integrations
  • Number of accelerators (i.e. enrollment, attendance, gradebook)
  • Amount of desired customization
  • Level of on-going support (i.e. training, part-time administrator, help desk)

In addition, each school requires Salesforce licenses, which are scoped separately and directly with Salesforce.

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