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LookThink CognoSIS provides unified insight into all of the data that can impact a student's academic success, both inside and outside the classroom.

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Registration + Operations

The Registration & Operations Accelerator of LookThink CognoSIS is the foundation for all SIS functions within the platform. It provides programs from K-12 to adult education a set of capabilities beyond that of dedicated, pre-configured SIS solutions.

  • Enroll and track students in custom courses, cohorts, grades, or program combinations
  • Integrate reporting for simultaneous active campuses, virtual and in person
  • Duplicate recurring courses and include associated terms, facilities, staff types, and times for course offerings




The Attendance Module is a simplified and powerful entry and reporting interface for recording attendance at the classroom level. It provides instant desktop and mobile entry of both excused and unexcused absences.

  • Drastically reduce time consuming manual uploads of pen & paper record collection
  • Increase timeliness and accuracy of attendance records
  • Use a student-only view for self reporting attendance

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Admissions + Enrollment

The Admissions and Enrollment Accelerator provides a flexible, scalable solution to enrollment challenges. Reduce time and energy on registration intakes and increasing student enrollment for the district or school.

  • Easily migrate historical SIS data into LookThink CognoSIS
  • Track holes in the enrollment pipeline for timely interventions
  • Upload and record pertinent student documentation for record keeping



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Transcripts + Report Cards

The Transcripts + Report Cards Accelerator allows schools and districts to output single or bulk documentation, by email or print, for any defined term. Customize branded templates and include notes on individual student performance.

  • Generate reports at any point during or after a student's attendance at the school
  • Easily access all student reports created for a student saved to their record
  • Decrease time spent producing reports with the bulk reporting feature



Student Success Hub

LookThink CognoSIS has pre-built integrations into Salesforce's Student Success Hub, a new platform designed to aid schools in tracking, planning, and assisting students with their overall educational and vocational needs. .

  • Holistically view students success across extended periods of time, unrestricted by class or year
  • Provides success plans relating to behavior, grades, and attendance alerts to teachers, parents, and administrators
  • Create advising pools and actively track student success against pre-defined goals


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The Gradebook Module provides teachers with a single interface for entering grade data at the assignment, course, and module level, easily integrating with common LMS solutions. An easy, powerful way to move formerly siloed data into an SIS where it can be managed by administration.

  • Maintain consistent, accurate record keeping faster with a simplified interface
  • Decrease wait time for students and parents with timely reporting
  • Increase teacher accountability with real-time reporting on grading timeliness

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