Adjustable for Any School Size

LookThink CognoSIS is perfect for schools large and small, from primary to higher education, operating in an environment where virtual, in person, and hybrid learning must coexist. The platform is designed to be flexible to meet your needs - not the other way around.

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LookThink CognoSIS for K-12

Charter Schools

Charter schools need an SIS that can adapt to nontraditional education models and can exist within a single school year and outside of traditional term limits.

  • Gain critical insight into your enrollment pipeline to identify where potential students drop off.
  • Implement targeted changes to improve enrollment rates.
  • Gain visibility into marketing efforts and track campaigns with easy integration into 3rd party systems.
  • Manage your applicant pool, demographic information and collect required documentation.
  • Create a lottery to select and reach your annual enrollment numbers.

Public School Districts

Public School Districts need a robust, user-friendly system to maintain and record new, current, and historical student and administrator data accurately and efficiently.

  • Manage digital and in-person enrollments with an easy-to-use interface.
  • Decrease mistakes and increase processing speed of new student admissions and registrations.
  • Autoenroll students at the end of each year with one click and avoid manually re-entering students and courses.
  • Manage administrative operations, track student data, and gather required documentation all in one platform.
  • Transition your paper and pen, spreadsheet, and historical SIS data seamlessly into LookThink CognoSIS.

Independent + Specialty Schools

As many school’s learning environments are evolving, coexisting, and changing throughout the calendar year, an SIS with a flexible interface is more important than ever.

  • Configure custom dashboards with all your data in a single powerful platform.
  • Accommodate satellite courses and course offerings outside of traditional term deadlines.
  • Manage special access programs, courses taken outside of school, and institutional relationships, all in one place.
  • Track applicant information with plugins for 3rd party financial and marketing software.
  • Maintain the admissions funnel with real time insights at the recruitment level.


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LookThink CognoSIS works the way you do, not the other way around.

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LookThink CognoSIS for Higher Ed

Enrollment + Admissions

Manage admissions across multiple schools, campuses, and departments. Give your team real-time insights into the entire admissions funnel with lottery and waitlist functionalities, two-part application features, and powerful dashboards.



Student Success

Salesforce’s Student Advisor Link provides an instant 360 degree view of each student across all their classes, programs, activities, success paths, and advising tasks. Quickly identify potential risks of student engagement with configurable reports and notifications to your team to ensure every student has a positive experience.



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Salesforce Communities provide students, parents, staff, and faculty the access to pertinent information through user-friendly, branded community portals. LookThink brings 10+ years of development experience creating customized portals that leverage the power of Salesforce’s service solutions and tailor it to the users' needs.




With the powerful Attendance App, teachers can mark attendance quickly and reliably through a mobile or desktop interface. Built-in reporting capabilities, a student-only view for self check-in, and virtual attendance reporting options improve accurate attendance capture across virtual, hybrid, and in-person learning environments.

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