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Designing for manufacturing

Custom solutions for unique business needs.

We customize multi-language environments and multi-branded communities for large customers and/or partners. Some notable clients from our past include world-class manufacturers such as Tyco, Volvo, and Ciena, where we created simple, expandable interface configuration. Contact us to discuss solutions that will deliver real impact within your business.

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Staying Connected with Salesforce

There’s pressure for manufacturers to stay connected to their supply chains and customers — that’s where Salesforce comes in handy. Manufacturers can forge better relationships with customers, partners, and vendors by creating integrated portal communities for transactions and communication. 

LookThink leverages Salesforce Communities by providing ‘custom-configured’ interfaces to serve critical stakeholder groups. Whether you need legacy forms and tools converted to Salesforce, integrations between your internal systems, or customer-facing order and case pages, we can help.

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