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Education & Science

Designing for science & education

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Educational Institutions

Educational institutions struggle with fixed or diminishing budgets, staff shortages, and demands from students and parents. Cloud-based computing and data-driven solutions can ease these complications. If your school isn’t using a digital platform, you’re going to miss key data points.

LookThink designs programs to improve the effectiveness of administrative processes, increase visibility into student data, and empower faculty to make informed decisions. Our support enhances long-term efforts and performance in the education sector.

We evaluate systems to identify impactful opportunities for transformational change. These findings help validate new solutions catered to the needs, constraints, and plans of the educational institutions we support.

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Scientific Organizations

Scientific organizations struggle with “translating” academic research and information into pedestrian language. LookThink can help you bridge the gap through discovery workshops, user research, and usability testing. Once we understand your organization, we can recommend how to shift the message and adjust the visual appeal to be more accessible.

Our expertise in deciphering complicated — and often overgrown — taxonomies bring organization and coherence to platforms saturated with information. These efforts create a clear path for visitors to follow so they can navigate your site and uncover related content. Our work helps organizations expand outreach, increase awareness, and elevate reputation.

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