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Human-centered design meets Salesforce skills

We understand users and we know Salesforce.

We're not your typical Salesforce partner. We're front-end experts laser-focused on business outcomes who bring user-centered design thinking to everything we do. We bridge the gap between complicated Salesforce technology and intuitive user experiences — creating Salesforce solutions that are effortless to adopt and transformative for your business.

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Creative salesforce solutions at any size

We make Salesforce work for you and your users.

Whether your business already invests a lot of money in Salesforce, or is thinking about investing in Salesforce soon – LookThink can help ensure you get the most value out of your investment. Our process marries design thinking, innovation, and practical applications of Salesforce to bring your company user-centered solutions that make sense with your budget.

Design & Strategy

  • The who, how, and why. We dig into user personas, perform field interviews, conduct adoption research, and analyze platform metrics to gain insight into user preferences. Our in-the-field perspective on real-time use of the platform is invaluable to driving strategy and design.
  • Our intuitive, elegant designs elevate user experience. We create unified design languages that users interact with across platforms.
  • Data in Salesforce is only useful when it can be viewed — and understood. We develop interfaces, visualizations, and other dynamic solutions that highlight meaningful data for users in intuitive, powerful ways. Whether you need top-level KPI’s, interactive charts, or custom dashboards, we deliver solutions that tap into the true power of Salesforce.
  • We marry user research, testing, and Salesforce parameters to create prototypes that optimize flows across an entire implementation.
  • Development solutions are only successful when they deliver on clear business objectives. Our strategists and Solution Architects bring a deep understanding of business processes and objectives — and measure our technical solutions against them. Using intuitive diagrammatic and written deliverables, our Salesforce platform solutions map clearly to the results our clients need.
  • Integration is always a key challenge for Salesforce engagements. We approach enterprise integration with the following priorities in mind: availability of custom vs. OOB platform solutions; total time and cost of delivery; maintenance and ongoing development considerations; data security; scalability

Build & Implementation

  • Our front-end development experts provide technical annotation and consultation to bring prototypes to life — or, we can architect and build out the front-end for you.
  • We scope out — and execute — on the complete development effort, from data model setup to deployment.
  • We have expertise building full custom applications for commercial, government and non-profit organizations — from custom ERPs, data collection and workflow tools, and dynamic dashboard to sales tracking solutions and custom industry applications. We provide solutions that scale to your needs — and provide a clear path for integration with all other systems.
  • We leverage decades of cloud configuration and management experience to make your Salesforce investment work for you (not against you). Get the most out of Education Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Non Profit Cloud.


  • Salesforce Experience Cloud provides a powerful way to connect internal and external audiences to the Salesforce platform. We’re experts in creating customized Experience Cloud user interfaces: Our solutions are easily maintained by internal teams — and don’t create a ton of churn. Benefit from integration of LWC and our in-depth knowledge of CMS solutioning.
  • Implement new processes without disruption to your business growth or your users. We support ongoing enhancements to your technical architecture, technical support, and risk assessment.
  • We’ll pinpoint the right implementation method — from out-of-the-box Salesforce to completely custom, or something in between.

Unsure if Salesforce is right for you? We can help you find the right digital solution for your needs.

LookThink designs empowering user experiences, builds impactful platforms, and creates compelling digital brands that focus on your users' needs and business goals. Our intuitive digital solutions make a positive impact, with a user-centered design that people love to use.

Our Solutions

  • Get the most out of your tech. Whether we’re building an entire solution or acting as a strategic partner, we will add value to your web-based solutions.
  • We build meaningful, beautiful brands. Captivate your audience by creating order and relevance in your content through our colorful, functional solutions.
  • Kickstart your digital strategy with a LookThink Workshop! We help you and your team craft and understand the journey to get where you want to be.


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