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Whether we are building out an entire solution or acting as a strategic partner, we know how to get it done — and done well. We have experience working in a wide variety of environments, stacks, and methodologies, so no matter what your platform is built on, we can add value.

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Here are some of the technologies we like working with:

  • Angular is a component-based JavaScript framework well-suited for building complex, maintainable applications that can grow with your evolving needs. It is built with multiple platforms in mind with support for the browser on desktop or mobile as well as true native applications on mobile with NativeScript. Angular’s emphasis on performance provides the foundation to deliver rich experiences to users through fast, highly interactive interfaces.
  • Node is a powerful platform on which to build the backend of an application, with its speedy, responsive runtime and vast library of reusable code. Its JavaScript nature improves developer productivity by enabling the sharing of mental models and code with front-end apps built in technologies such as Angular or React. While traditional monolithic architectures can still be built with Node, its robust support for lightweight, agile microservice and serverless architectures make it a more relevant solution than ever.
  • Postgres is a fast, reliable, and powerful open source database that enjoys broad support and usage in web application development. It is well-suited to situations in which the data is highly structured with rich relationships, the data is queried and reported on in complex patterns, and data integrity is paramount over extreme scalability. We believe in using the right tool for the job, and find other approaches such as key-value stores and document-oriented databases are excellent choices in scenarios with different parameters for concerns such as data access patterns, integrity, and consistency.
  • Elasticsearch is a powerful solution for addressing a diversity of search and retrieval scenarios. We’ve successfully used it to drive typical tasks such as full text search on complex structured data and PDF documents. Another area where it shines is in supporting user interface paradigms such as typeahead search and query building, where the user interactively narrows data through intelligent filters and sorts. Elasticsearch will grow with you through its lightning-fast search and painless scalability.
  • We have had great success with using Heroku and Amazon Web Services to provide the cloud underpinnings to SaaS projects. Heroku is an attractive solution for MVPs, allowing projects to get “in the cloud” in minutes and providing robust tooling in support of continuous integration workflows. Its performance and scalability gives you a runway to iterate on your product without worrying about downtime.

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