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Digital Platforms

If we build it, they will come

We design and implement web-based solutions for business platforms.

At LookThink, we value the importance of asking the right questions. Our approach focuses on the user first, and results in a customized, intuitive platform that functions as a true solution for your impact. We're here to help you improve the metrics that matter: adoption, productivity, quality — and above all — customer satisfaction.

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SaaS Design & Strategy

  • Deliver an experience that embodies your brand promise and capture key insights from your team and customers. With our expertise in developing and optimizing SaaS platforms, we help you build a platform that will differentiate and delight.
  • We don't make guesses on behalf of your users. We facilitate deep dive conversations with stakeholders and rapidly prototype and iterate on new experiences before touching any code. Our approach saves time, money, and development cycles — and gets you the measurable results your business craves.
  • Deliver rapid, highly intuitive solutions that complement and extend your core SaaS experience in the most sustainable way.

Technology Implementation

  • Whether we are building out an entire solution or acting as a strategic partner, we know how to get it done — and done well. We have experience working in a wide variety of environments, stacks, and methodologies, so no matter what your platform is built on, we can add value. Here’s some of what we’re fluent in: ​​Angular, Node.js, Postgres, Elasticsearch, infrastructure
  • We solve for user flow, navigation, SSO, and information flow and retrieval to successfully integrate new SaaS systems into existing infrastructures — and create seamless user experiences. We explore and take advantage of platform capabilities from customization to development, and intuitively uncover features and functions your end-users will love (and adopt like crazy).
  • Whether you need day-to-day technical support, regular help writing or posting content, or want us to focus on bigger, strategic site enhancements, we work with you to ensure your website will evolve and grow in step with your organization.

Strengthen your digital platform with one of LookThink’s other solution offerings.

Digital platforms are living, breathing entities that need support to grow and thrive. LookThink can revive your digital platform with a brand refresh, a user experience or accessibility audit, or an integration with a CRM like Salesforce, to help you get the most out of the tools you are using.

Our Solutions

  • Facing Salesforce struggles? Our in-depth knowledge of the Salesforce environment and superior design skills result in intuitive solutions for your users.
  • We build meaningful, beautiful brands. Captivate your audience by creating order and relevance in your content through our colorful, functional solutions.
  • Kickstart your digital strategy with a LookThink Workshop! We help you and your team craft and understand the journey to get where you want to be.


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