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Acquia Partnership

LookThink has partnered with Acquia to bring creative, intuitive, and efficient user experiences to scalable enterprise Drupal solutions. With the use of Acquia Cloud Platform and Site Studio, our partnership gives clients the power to create and maintain a design system, complex content hierarchies, and brand expansions.

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Site Studio

“Site Studio provides a visual page builder. Anyone within your organization can create a page or make changes to an existing page.” – Acquia Site Studio

With Acquia Site Studio, clients are able to build content, landing pages, and unique layouts all without needing to write a single line of code. LookThink will help establish a design system that meets content and brand goals, and Site Studio effortlessly supports this system in a way that is flexible, scalable, and reusable. This allows clients to spend their time focusing on owning, managing, and building their site instead of fighting with code. With a WYSIWYG editor and drag-and-drop layouts, clients are able to quickly produce and test content, helping their sites remain relevant and fresh.

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Cloud Platform

“The most scalable and secure digital experience platform for building, launching, and managing Drupal applications.” – Acquia Cloud Platform

Through the use of Acquia Cloud Platform, clients are able to monitor their site’s performance, ensure security, and scale their products. The easy-to-use system includes: development tools, application hosting services, and globally-compliant enterprise security. Cloud Platform has everything you need in one tool, to ensure your system is compact and easy to manage. With LookThink’s guidance and Acquia’s support, you’ll have your site up, ready, and maintained in no time and with no stress.

LookThink's partnership with Acquia helps you...

  • Easily create beautiful and engaging content
  • Maintain a consistent design and brand experience
  • Create and maintain better overall usability
  • Reach a larger, more targeted audience
  • Perform better in search results (SEO)
  • Efficiently build and test new content and sites
We now have a system that is truly democratized across all of our staff members... [we can] make incremental edits or wholesale changes and build out new pages without it taking the backlog of weeks and weeks of pre programming, planning and staging.

Bennie F. Johnson

AIGA Executive Director

Creating a Contemporary Design Hub for Contemporary Designers

AIGA is the largest professional association of designers in the world. AIGA partnered with LookThink to strategize, design, and build their new website – and create a dynamic digital experience.

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Collage of optimized navigation on the new AIGA website


  • LookThink helps their clients create a design system that starts with elements and builds its way up to page templates. Site Studio provides maximum design flexibility by applying the design system through a robust no-code component system and drag-and-drop interface.
  • With the use of components and templates, a consistent style is already applied site-wide. If a design change is required, no problem, it can be updated everywhere it exists with a click of a button.
  • With a design system in place, clients can focus on what they want their site to say and do. Site Studio reduces time spent creating new pages, as flexible layouts already exist for all potential content types.


  • All your security needs, in one place. Automatically keeps your Drupal system up to date, performs security audits, and scans file uploads. Allows clients to create an administration user-role hierarchy, giving control to those who really need it.
  • Workflows and approval processes for content management are also easy to administer, monitor, and maintain. Clients can easily define administration roles and access within the system.
  • Host, develop, and monitor your site all in one place. Check for performance, make updates, and maintain existing data without needing to leave the Drupal platform.

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