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Promoting certainty in times of uncertainty.

LookThink has been a small business in DC for over a decade, and over the years, we've gotten to know our neighbors pretty well. They are the experts in soaps, pickles, or Ethiopian food; we are experts in all things digital. The transition to virtual life during COVID-19 created a lot of uncertainty, but moving key pieces of businesses online didn't have to be hard.

We wanted to help in the way we knew how: with advice, resources, and a place to ask questions and share stories with us and fellow businesses in the area. It was possible for companies to have an online presence without learning to code, without the headache, and without taking up massive amounts of time. We've relied on the local businesses in our community for so long, we wanted to return the favor. 

Teaching Digital Basics

We set out to guide our community with the following aspects of creating a digital presence:


Creating an Online Store

Participants gained advice on setting up an online store and how to start selling goods and services virtually.

Digital marketing

Promoting Your Business Online

Instruction on what it is, how to do it well, and what free resources are available for participants at this time.

Website creation

Creating an Engaging Website

Participants learned how to make a website from pre-made templates and tools, or how to optimize their existing website for virtual delivery and communication. No web design or coding skills necessary.

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Our Approach

Fostering a community of support

With help from the DC BID Council and other BIDs across the city, we wanted to create an environment where local, small businesses felt comfortable asking the questions they needed answered in order to help foster an engaging online presence. We wanted our sessions to be a conversation - between us and the businesses, and between businesses themselves. In addition to our webinars and resources, we aimed to connect businesses so they could share successes, learn from road bumps, and build each other up as well. 

Join our community
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Taking a closer look

LookThink and the DC BIDs also provided a 6-week consultancy series to 24 local businesses. Through the BIDs, businesses were able to apply for and receive these additional sessions for free. We prioritized minority-owned, small businesses and met with them weekly to get to know their goals and the areas the pandemic affected them most.

Whenever we could, we got involved in their system, giving hands-on working sessions within their social media accounts or websites. Our goal was to provide quick training and reasonable solutions for businesses to implement right away. 

Watch our Webinar Series

Getting Your Business Online

May 28, 2020

Join us to learn the basics of what you need to move your business online. Participants will receive an overview of the platforms available for establishing an online presence as well as a walkthrough of how to register your business in Google My Business.

View the webinar slides     Watch the webinar recording

Creating Online Awareness Through Digital Marketing

June 9, 2020

Join us to learn all about digital marketing! We'll walk you through setting up a digital marketing strategy for your business and the tactics you can use to attract, engage, and close leads that interact with your business across different online channels.

View the webinar slides     Watch the webinar recording

Fulfilling Customer Requests Through E-Commerce

June 24, 2020

Learn how to receive purchase requests and deliver your product or services to your customers digitally! We will provide a comprehensive overview of the platforms available to you and the cost and time commitment of each in order to help you choose which one is right for your online store or restaurant.

View the webinar slides     Watch the webinar recording

How to Analyze and Improve Your Online Presence

July 9, 2020

We will focus on how to reinforce and evaluate the strategies you've started implementing from our prior webinars. We'll cover ways to enhance the online presence you've started to establish and considerations for next steps.

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