Have you noticed how often the apps you use change, from discrete new features to a complete overhaul of the interface? Users are accustomed to technology changing shape without warning and expect the websites and apps they use — at work and at home — to deliver an ever-improving user experience.

Sound like a lot work? In reality, continual adjustment and improvement requires less time, effort, and money than overhauling your technology every few years. 

The key is to establish reoccurring interactions with users (customers, employees, members, you name it) to solicit feedback and make small but meaningful improvements to the website or application.

There are many flavors of user research and testing — with a little bit of conversation, we can figure out the right mix of activities for you:

UX Transformation Workshop

You know your tech is underperforming but you don't know how to fix it. We'll facilitate an immersive workshop with all the key voices and perspectives in one room to uncover the problems, agree on ideal outcomes, and craft a vision to get there.

Heuristic Analysis

Heuristics are a set of universally-accepted principles that are used to evaluate and improve websites, applications, and other interactive systems. This type of analysis is a great place to start as it allows our team to dig deep into the application and begin to establish a benchmark for future success.

Competitive Analysis

Knowing how your website or application compares to your competitors' is key to understanding the best ways to engage your target audiences. We focus on analyzing site structures, conversion funnels, and visual design so we can deliver recommendations that differentiate you in your competitive market. 

User Shadowing

We don't make guesses when it comes to uncovering and planning for your user's day-to-day experience with critical websites and applications. We walk a mile in your users' shoes so that we can feel their pain and find the solutions they want and need.

User Interviews

We sit down with users to understand what motivates and frustrates them — and how they want to see you evolve. From identifying the issue with a particular conversion funnel to identifying how your brand is perceived, we know how to craft a custom script and facilitate interviews that deliver invaluable feedback from your most important stakeholder group. 

Focus Groups

Sometimes bringing together a group of users into one room is more attainable or effective than speaking individually to users. This type of setting allows us to hear from a variety of perspectives at once and collectively brainstorm a vision and identify roadblocks for the next generation of your platform or website.

UX Lab

Send your users to our lab, and we'll observe them as they interact with your system — noting behaviors, tendencies, and workarounds that impact their productivity and satisfaction with the system. These findings become the foundation for our prototyping work as we explore and define user flows that transform the UX of your system.

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