LookThink helps manufacturers forge better relationships with customers, partners, and vendors by creating integrated portal communities that provide a single environment for communication and transactions.

Manufacturers face increasing pressure to stay connected across the supply chain while keeping customers up to date along every step of their process. LookThink's expertise with the Salesforce platform allows us to leverage Salesforce Communities by providing 'custom-configured' Communities interfaces to serve critical internal and external stakeholder groups.

Our knowledge of the Salesforce platform and expertise in working with world-class manufacturers such as Tyco, Volvo, and Ciena enable us to provide highly-branded interfaces that are easily maintained and expanded through configuration, rather then custom development.

Whether you need legacy forms and tools converted to Salesforce, integrations between your internal systems, or customer-facing order and case pages, we can help. LookThink has proven experience in ensuring that external users encounter an intuitive solution that extends your brand image rather than working against it.

Additionally, we have extensive experience in multi-language environments and multi-branded communities that are customized for large customers or partners.

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