Educational Institutions

Educational institutions face increasing demands from students and parents while coping with fixed or diminishing budgets and staff. In this challenging environment, cloud-based computing and data-driven solutions have increasingly become drivers for education initiatives. 

Drawing on our expertise in both the public and technology sectors, we help clients improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their administrative offices and processes. We also design programs to increase visibility into student achievements and risk markers so that faculty can be empowered to direct their attention appropriately. We support clients on multi-year efforts to enhance their long-term performance in the education system.

Our team can evaluate current systems to identify the highest-impact opportunities for transformational change. These findings, in turn, help validate new solutions catered to the needs, constraints, and future plans of the schools we support. 

Scientific Organizations

Scientific organizations are commonly faced with the challenge of "translating" academic research and information into language that can be readily understood by audiences beyond professionals in their given field. LookThink's experience with discovery workshops, user research, and usability testing means that we know how to bridge that gap. Once we understand your organization, we can recommend how to shift the message and adjust the visual appeal to be more accessible and universal.

LookThink has expertise in deciphering complicated (and often overgrown) taxonomies to bring organization and coherence to platforms and websites that contain a great deal of dense information. Similarly, lengthy content must be reworked into a web-friendly format. These efforts create a clear path for visitors to follow, ensuring that they find exactly what they're seeking while also uncovering additional related content. Ultimately, our work helps organizations expand outreach, increase awareness, and elevate reputation in the eyes of not only their constituents but also the general public. 

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