Case Study

Volvo Cars USA: Bridging the Gap Between the Customer and Dealerships

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About the Client

Volvo is a leader in the luxury automative industry that touts safety, sustainability, and personalization above all else. Volvo is a global brand headquartered in Sweden with hundreds of dealerships located around the United States.

Collage of a customer using the new Volvo Cars USA live portal

At a Glance

Connecting independent dealerships with corporate support.

LookThink developed a custom Digital Experience Cloud interface that allowed staff members at dealerships across the nation to interact more effectively with marketing managers and other corporate support staff at Volvo Cars USA. 

Project Overview

Primary Goal

Improve the relationship between corporate and dealerships by streamlining the customer experience

Audience / Users

Independent Volvo dealerships and car owners in the United States

Related Technologies

Salesforce Digital Experience Cloud

The Challenge

  • Required expertise from both the project staff and internal corporate stakeholders to yield both an optimal tech solution and unlock desired business value
  • Supporting an extremely custom interface via Experience Cloud modifications posed constraints on development and configuration resources

Our Approach

Aligning with success metrics every step of the way.

The LookThink team approached this project with key points of success in mind, that all UI enhancements must be related to:

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User adoption

Icon showing clear direction

Ease of use

Icon depicting increase in positive brand recognition

Brand reinforcement

Icon of a secure lock

Privacy of high-impact information

Setting these goals enabled the team to evaluate all potential requirements and stakeholder requests against a fixed set of metrics that lined up to the overall strategic goals of the project sponsors.

Collage of Volvo Cars USA portal screens and an empowered customer

The Solution

Develop a consistent and manageable process.

To support an extremely custom interface within the Experience Cloud environment, LookThink worked to develop a consistent and manageable process for custom UI design that reduced uncertainty and enabled the team to deliver according to customer specifications.

The Results

Supporting both dealership staff and customers with one live portal.

LookThink created a live portal for all Volvo Cars USA dealerships to enable local marketing managers to spend more time supporting dealers and increase operational efficiency within the dealership by:


Streamlining sales and reports




Introducing workflow automation


Mitigating risk by reducing loss on common transactions



Empowering dealerships to provide their employees with corporate-led trainings

The live portal also produced higher customer satisfaction by easing dealership experiences like test drives, sales, and maintenance, with customers using the portal to schedule appointments at their convenience. With dealerships becoming more accessible, customers are now empowered to address additional issues and maintain a post-sales relationship.

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