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Tax Analysts

Evolving tax analysis for the future

Tax Analysts is the only independent, nonpartisan tax policy organization dedicated to improving tax systems on a state, federal, and international level. Their large and international subscriber base of tax professionals count on their daily coverage of tax news to stay on top of an ever-evolving industry.

The Challenge

Tax Analysts recognized the need to evolve their brand and a clunky website built on legacy technology to maintain their position as leaders in the tax community. LookThink was commissioned to revamp their branding, design and build a new website, and create a mobile app to cater to on-the-go subscribers.

We knew immediately that our biggest challenge would be migrating 40 years worth of content - and crafting and implemented a new taxonomy that could accommodate those 4.2 million documents and be easily searchable by users.

The Solution

We first met with users from each Tax Analysts’ three flagship products as well as internal staff to identify pain points and prioritize user needs. This initial research and planning with internal and external stakeholders laid the groundwork for the architecture of the new Drupal-based platform. Important considerations included taxonomy, navigation, content organization, advanced search, security, personalization, and mobile delivery (both responsive and via downloadable app).

After an extensive information architecture phase, we were able to turn our attention to branding and the visual design of the platform. We conducted market research and analysis to recommend how Tax Analysts might best restructure and evolve their highly segmented brand. One outcome of those recommendations resulted in the decision to better distinguish their identity as a non-profit organization from its flagship product, Tax Notes. As a result, subscribers visit the platform for the daily news they need while the greater community will soon be able to visit to learn more about the impactful work they do to further their mission.

Search module features from the new TaxNotes site, with text: "Integrated a robust search functionality to maximize user efficiency"
The new TaxNotes site on laptop, iPad, and iPod, with text: "Paved a foundation for brand expansion and a future relationship"
The new TaxNotes site on an iPhone in front of a stack of papers, with text: "Organized 5-million pieces of content into a Drupal-based platform"

The Result

The platform went live in May 2015 and accomplished the following:

  • Migrated over 5 million pieces of content from the legacy (LotusNotes-based) system to a new Drupal-based platform.
  • Established and implemented new methods of interactivity to enable more cross-product browsing by subscribers.
  • Integrated a robust search capability to facilitate access to dense tax-related content.
  • Delivered a new approach to subscription and pay-walled offerings that allows tiered access to content, while driving new registrations and increasing the user base.
  • Integrated a robust analytics capability to inform subscriber outreach and engagement programs.
  • Improved and re-shaped the editorial process to allow front-line editors greater control over the layout and content of the site’s news-heavy front page.

We are continuing to work closely with the team at Tax Analysts to roll out new branding across all products, shape strategic communication plans with various subscriber groups, and launch the website.

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