SmartMove: Helping Consumers Streamline Their Moves

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SmartMove Brand Element

About the Client

The Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing (CTAM) plays a critical role in helping their partners distribute the best entertainment and communications services to consumers around the country.

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Cable insights and resources for any kind of move

For over ten years, The Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing (CTAM) has provided nationwide members with research, insights, and resources to ensure that cable companies meet consumer needs. CTAM’s web property,, has helped over 1.7 million consumers by distributing the best entertainment and communications services. 

THE CHALLENGE needed updates to deliver an experience tailored to the modern consumer and the offerings of their providers. The website needed to measure up to similar websites available to consumers — and do a better job of improving leads and conversion rates.

CTAM asked LookThink to translate their user research into a modern, friendly, trusted digital experience through a new design with updated content that would support and drive SEO goals.


Naming and visual definition exercises

The project started with the critical step of renaming the website. The research proved that the name “Cablemover” was too limiting for what the website provides. It was also outdated given the array of technologies available to digital consumers.

The naming process and visual language definition happened in parallel — “SmartMove” became the new name and inspired the visual redesign. We started off with four style tiles, each showcasing different brand moods. After several revisions with the CTAM team, we landed on the style tile here to represent the new brand.

SmartMove Style Tiles


SmartMove Screenshots


Supporting SEO goals

Simultaneously, we conducted an intense prototyping phase, starting with wireframes to solidify the navigation, user flows, and page layouts. We collaborated with CTAM’s SEO team to ensure that the architecture would support their SEO goals. With these details approved, we were ready to layer in the design elements from the style tile to the new experience to life.

Our next focus was on imagery and content — these critical elements would resonate with visitors and encourage them to take action. The site’s imagery and messaging needed to elicit emotion — building trust is key for online conversions. We built the content to support SEO goals in the appropriate online searches.


When content and design were close to the finish line, we coordinated with CTAM’s development partner to get documented designs and assets to support the build. We stayed in touch, providing feedback and browser testing the site. It was important for us to ensure the final product matched the vision we created. The new site went live in October — check it out here!