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Bringing UI consistency to a suite of products

The Challenge

Metalogix is an enterprise software development company that helps organizations manage their collaboration platforms for SharePoint, Exchange, and Office 365. Initially, Metalogix engaged LookThink to create a revamped UI and establish a contemporary look and feel for Migration Expert, a new software product within its portfolio.

The Solution

To better understand Migration Expert and their user base, we started with deep dive conversations with their product team. We wanted to make sure we truly understood the purpose of the product and the practical use cases to inform recommendations for the UI.

As soon as we had the structure down, our design team joined the process to discuss requirements and goals for a refreshed visual style. Since all of Metalogix tools are used in Microsoft environments, we knew the updated design needed to complement the flat, bold style that is common to the modern Microsoft universe. We leveraged saturated colors, thin fonts, and flat icons - which gave Migration Expert an edge over its competitors and situated it well as a trusted, valuable tool for Sharepoint migrations.

A screen from Metalogix's new Migration Expert tool, looking at analysis for Sharepoint

The Result

User response to Migration Expert’s UI was tremendous, so it wasn’t long before we were engaged to apply the new UI function and aesthetic to several other products in the Metalogix suite, including Content Matrix, ControlPoint, Diagnostic Manager, and Replicator.

Because each product behaved as a distinct application in the Sharepoint ecosystem, the LookThink team had to navigate myriad technical challenges, including large scale data migrations and visualization discrepancies, in order for the applications to work seamlessly together. This required lockstep collaboration with the Metalogix product and engineering teams -- developing ideas for each interface and sitting in a consultative capacity through go-live launch.

Other agencies came in and talked at us about themselves for 2 hours. About 10 minutes into our meeting with LookThink, we were actually solving problems.

Tamir Orbach, Director of Product Management, Metalogix

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