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The Livestrong Foundation

Navigating cancer support

The Challenge

The LIVESTRONG™ Foundation is designed to support the cancer community through outreach, programs, and partnerships. The Foundation’s core team, know as “Navigators,” help those diagnosed with cancer find the support they need. Navigators’ daily tasks include scheduling and recording interactions with survivors, providing survivors with location-based information that can meet their needs, and tracking survivor progress with LIVESTRONG™ partner organizations.

Prior to our engagement, the Foundation did not have a centralized location to gather survivor data or coordinate with partners and other organizations. As a result, information about survivors was stored locally for each Navigator, which was a problem when employees were absent. The services available to survivors and tracked data had also grown too large for individual Navigators to maintain.

We needed to design a platform that could manage Navigator’s relationships with survivors, streamline data intake processes, and centralize all of the data into a single system.

The Solution

In order to determine and refine key functionality for the new case management system, we headed down to Austin, Texas to spend a few days observing, asking questions, and discussing ideas with the Navigators.

After watching the navigators in action, it was clear they needed a dashboard to provide a high-level, time-sensitive information about their most critical activities and interactions. The dashboard displays the events that have been scheduled for a given day, any overdue tasks, key KPIs, and a menu that toggles between resources, help and recent interactions - all enabled by a powerful global, type-ahead search feature.

Given the sensitive nature of this work, and the need for timely access to all information about an individual during calls, exceptional care was given to the design and access points for the system, as well as to the calendar and task management functionality.

Pages from the new Livestrong system, focused on a customer service dashboard
Several screens from the new system, with an advanced search screen in the foreground, with a stylized arrow with a long tail point to the screens.

The Result

Livestrong™’s Navigators now use this custom enterprise CRM system, which they playfully nicknamed Bessie (Bessie = BSE = Best System Ever), to manage their day-to-day needs and share information across the team to ensure that survivors are provided excellent care. We’re thrilled Bessie has made such a positive impact on the very important services Livestrong™ provides for cancer survivors and their families.

Additional Case Studies