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The LeapFrog Group

Leveraging a new online presence to raise the bar for safer healthcare

The Challenge

The Leapfrog Group, a national nonprofit organization driving a movement for giant leaps forward in the quality and safety of American health care, needed a new organizational website to strengthen its brand image, grow its influence in the healthcare industry, and engage with multiple audiences in compelling and action-oriented ways. We teamed up with Pantheon and worked in close collaboration with the Leapfrog team to strategize, architect, design, and build a new experience that would accomplish the organization’s goals.

The Solution

Our engagement began by defining Leapfrog's audiences and what they are seeking, establishing tone and the types of content the site would deliver, honing in on messaging and calls to action, and cataloguing everything the site map would need to contain.

Once we solidified our approach and content requirements, we got to work architecting a homepage that would convey the importance of Leapfrog’s message and speak directly to their five key audience groups. The site’s interior leverages a library of modules crafted to support specific content types and messaging goals, which has allowed the Leapfrog team to make each page feel customized and easily create pages to support new organizational initiatives.

For the design, we wanted to maintain Leapfrog’s logo and signature green color, but were tasked with evolving the organization’s visual brand from there. We got to work exploring new fonts, a secondary color palette, icon sets, and imagery styles aimed at debuting a modern look and feel that would strike a careful balance between being friendly yet direct given the serious nature of Leapfrog’s mission.

Another highlight, and focus of our project, was optimizing the design and flow of information in the online Leapfrog Hospital Survey. Previously, the survey was difficult to navigate and prone to user-error, which overwhelmed Leapfrog’s data review team around each submission deadline.

Since the new survey launched, more hospitals have successfully completed the survey and there has been a 60% decrease in data review issues due to enhanced error logic, improved contextual cues, and a more intuitive design.


Pages from the new Leapfrog site shown on a laptop and a desktop Mac. The laptop is showing different sections from a survey on a dashboard. The desktop is showing the Leapfrog Group home page, focused on a slider that says "the hospital you choose matters" with a picture of a patient. There is a circle to the bottom right corner of the desktop highlighting different Leapfrog brands: Leapfrog Hospital Survey, Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade, and Leapfrog VBP Platform.

The Result

The new website, which launched in early 2016, showcases a modern approach to Leapfrog’s brand including updated fonts and logo treatments for Leapfrog’s most prominent initiatives, a revamped secondary color palette, and custom imagery to support Leapfrog’s signature dots.

Analytics report an increase in page views, session times, and mobile visits as well as a reduced bounce rate, which means Leapfrog's important mission is reaching and resonating with more people.

We are continuing to work with Leapfrog on a regular basis to extend the new brand standards across all programs and collateral including, the Leapfrog Value Based Purchasing Platform, and their Lives and Dollars Lost to Medical Errors Calculator.

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