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Bringing together parents and schools

The Challenge

K12 is a national curriculum and educational resource provider for schools and parents. As part of an effort to ease access and registration for affiliated schools, K12 engaged LookThink to develop a Parent Portal for school registration, developed on the Salesforce Communities Platform.

We began our work by gathering mission critical requirements at Discovery sessions with the client. The new interface needed to accommodate multi-session applications, pass WCAG accessibility testing, and meet an aggressive deployment deadline. Additionally, since the portal would become the primary point of interaction for parents, it needed to leverage K12’s existing brand elements for recognizability.

The Solution

With these requirements in mind, we developed a custom portal interface that adhered to K12’s brand and interaction standards and passed certification for WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility compliance in accordance with K12’s status as an education provider. The project was completed in a fraction of the time typical of such deployments


A K12 create an account page with a name and address form with a sample tooltip exposed

The Result

Today the portal provides a dashboard interface for managing required documentation, tracking children, and simultaneously approving multiple applications. The portal makes it easy for parents to upload required documentation and keeps them in the loop by sending alerts as the documents are accepted or rejected.

K12 has observed a significant increase in parent engagement, a year-over-year increase in school applications, and a decrease in K12 staff support time.

Additional Case Studies