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The International Baccalaureate

Improving education globally

The Challenge

IB, a well-established foundation that provides educational programs and assessments worldwide, needed a portal developed on top of its existing Salesforce infrastructure for educators to apply for training, assignments and global workshops. IB teachers from all over the world needed to be able to track their progress, qualifications, schedule and application status, while regional administrators needed to manage all of the associated workflows and approvals.

IB looked to our team to re-architect the UI to make it appealing and easily usable for multicultural needs, override Salesforce’s default look and feel with custom styling to complement the recently revamped, and work around a fixed back-end build.

The Solution

Before putting "pen to paper,” we arranged discovery calls with administrators and educators around the world to discuss how the portal would help simplify a previously cumbersome process for filling spots at workshops. We also had initial conversations with the internal development team to get an understanding of the foundational code before recommending changes to the front-end screens.

These exploratory conversations went a long way toward guiding what we could realistically in code. We built the front-end using custom APEX code (Salesforce’s internal language) and VisualForce. Preparing, validating, and implementing content was also a critical step as we needed to make sure all layouts and fields could properly display English, Spanish, and French. 

Three screens, two before the redesign and one after. The older ones are in grey scale and difficult to understand; the new one is colorful, branded, and shows upcoming activities.

The Result

The developed portal provides educators a single place to track their status within the IB system, while simplifying the administrative workload and adhering to IB’s strict branding and usability guidelines in a multi-language environment.

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