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The Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare

Easing the data entry burden

The Challenge

CAQH supports the physician community with a credentialing Web application that enables users to provide their certification information to insurance providers in accordance with state agency rules.

This application, Universal Provider Data Source, contains hundreds of fields that users have to complete and verify, a burden for busy health care providers responsible for data submission.

The Solution

To lighten the load on physicians and their staff, LookThink built a new application that streamlined the data entry process and prioritized the most critical information.

LookThink collaborated with CAQH and a third-party development partner, focusing on how users actually interacted with the application given their workloads and demands. We drove requirements gathering from a user perspective, challenging assumptions and recommending new ways to approach large-scale data entry.

Two redesigned CAQH screens: one a log-in screen with information to the left; one an education form page

The Result

The redesigned application streamlines the user’s efforts, provides field-level validation, and is crafted to reduce security risks and legal liability.

Additional Case Studies