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Acumen Solutions

Creating a platform positioned for growth

The Challenge

Acumen Solutions is a global cloud consultancy with over 15 years of experience. They have successfully delivered 1,000+ cloud implementations across the globe for clients in wide range of industries.

As a longtime partner of ours, with whom we collaborate regularly on custom Salesforce implementations, they looked to us to spearhead their public-facing website redesign. Their legacy website had reached the end of its utility, and it was no longer able to adequately convey the depth, breadth and impact that the Acumen Solutions team and experience bring to the marketplace. The old website was built on a legacy CMS; it was cumbersome to update, causing content to grow static. The dated content and antiquated visual style no longer accurately reflected Acumen Solutions’ brand, nor did it clearly define their areas of expertise for prospective clients. We knew that we needed to fix both of these issues in order for them to keep up with their competition, as well as help position a rapidly growing company for future success.

The Solution

We started with an extensive discovery phase with all stakeholders to review the existing pain points of the old website, and to discuss the business goals for the redesign. The result is a new website that gets straight to the point, and quickly communicates what Acumen Solution does (global IT consulting) and for whom (the Fortune 500 and government agencies). The responsive website was architected to allow visitors to quickly identify with topics that most resonate with them, and then deliver supporting resource content to reinforce the depth and breadth of the company’s expertise and capabilities.

Another goal was to make the website easy to manage and positioned for growth — and the Drupal CMS does just that, allowing internal staff to rapidly develop audience-specific landing pages to support sales and marketing initiatives.

Three pages from the new Acumen site. One screen, to the left, is desktop sized and reflects a home-page with a hero graphic and text over top, with KPIs in a row below. Next there is a page about Salesforce offerings, displayed on an iPad, followed by a menu as shown on an iPhone.

The Result

The new website never leaves a visitor hanging, as there are meaningful calls to action on all pages in order to drive users toward additional information, as well as contact forms to start a more meaningful conversation with the Acumen Solutions team. This purposeful architecture, paired with a contemporary design and enhanced messaging, has given Acumen Solutions the flexible platform necessary to grow their business and attract industry talent.

Now that the website is live, we continue to work with the team to map out website enhancements that will help support the company’s ever-evolving sales and marketing strategies.

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