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We Need Your Help! Introducing the LookThink Holiday Card Competition

November 3rd, 2016

If you’ve been to Costco, Target, Walmart, Rite Aid, CVS…any of those in the past week, you’ll notice something spooky happened. No, not rubber masks and fake blood for Halloween. What I’m talking about is shocking, even though I KNOW I’ll see it every year.

Christmas has already hit the shelves.

Halloween sign with christmas decorations
What even is happening here...

I’m a big believer in celebrating one holiday at a time. Now that my R2D2 pumpkin is past its prime, I’m researching Thanksgiving recipes and turkey trots. Winter holidays and all of the celebration associated with it are far from my mind - except in one place: LookThink.

Here, we like to start the season a little early and this year, we’ve decided to ask our clients, friends, and family help us decide on a holiday card. Our designers took a little break from brand refreshes, website designs, and customized Salesforce pages to lead five teams of LookThinkers through the creative process. LookThinkers were randomly assigned to a holiday card team, and everyone (yes everyone) was encouraged to participate in the conceptualization of a holiday card design.

We had two goals:

  1. Creating a Kickass Holiday Card: What better way to create the best holiday card ever than to have a contest AND involve the people who engage with our work on a daily basis? Gamification? Check. Democratic design-making? Check. Stellar outcome? You bet!

  2. Dynamic Team Experience: No one here is a one-trick-pony. Our designers have a strong understanding of development. Our developers and IA teams work regularly with design and actively contribute to the design process. Our project managers regularly marry design and development (seriously - call us if you need a design and dev wedding ceremony). While a cross-disciplinary project wasn’t new to any of us, the randomly assigned teams meant uniting people who hadn’t worked together - say, two project managers on a team, or two developers a designer and an IA without a project manager - meant new and dynamic teams. Designers became project managers, developers worked with tangible deliverables, and project managers were pinning mood boards. In the end, everyone got to push themselves and hone secondary skills: that's what makes a LookThinker a LookThinker.

So - what did this challenge look like?

Each team received the following criteria:

Your card:

  • Should be representable in a digital format
  • Should be relatively easily printed and mailed
  • Must use a holiday theme that represents LookThink and your team

That was it.

To get the creative juices flowing, we invited all things printed specialist Jay Harkey from Artisan2Inc to show us what was possible.

As a group that traditionally works with digital media, the most exciting part of that visit was actually TOUCHING completed design pieces. This tactile experience helped us understand the realm of possibilities for these cards. We saw boxed invitations, traditional wedding sets, specially created booklets, coasters, and business cards. From there, the teams had three weeks to finalize a concept.

Here is where you, our LookThink family, come into play. Over the next week, we’ll be showcasing each of the five designs our teams created. At the end of the week, voting will open and we’ll ask you which holiday card YOU would like to receive from LookThink.

While we hope you’re still prepping for Thanksgiving and waiting to deck the halls, we hope you’ll consider this a preview of the LookThink holiday season.

Happy {early} holidays!

Your friends at LookThink