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VOTING IS OPEN: Which Holiday Card Should We Pick?

November 11th, 2016

ICYMI: This week on the blog, we've been featuring a holiday card concept every day. Each of our designers lead a team of randomly assigned LookThinkers to create a holiday card concept over the past month. It's been a great opportunity to stretch our creative wings and shake up our normal team structure - plus, it's put us in the holiday spirit early!

The biggest problem we're facing now? We love all of the concepts! Here's where you come in. Revisit each team's concept and cast your vote. Can't decide, either? Enlist your family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, postal worker, get the picture.


Team 1: Merry and Bright - Team MAB turns a holiday card into a glowing decoration, using unique die-cuts, custom illustration, and 3D thinking. See more about Team Merry and Bright's concept here

Team 2: Advent-urous - Team Advent-urous started out with an Advent calendar and ended with a dynamic, virtual reality experience. Learn about Team Advent-urous's experience with Layar here

Team 3: Stranger Holidata - Team Stranger Holidata took a cue from Die Hard (best Christmas movie or best Christmas movie, ever?) and tapped into the holiday trappings of 2016's pop culture hit, Stranger Things. Experience The Upside-Down here.

Team 4: Silent Night - Team Silent Night meditates on the importance of the holidays: reflection, time with loved ones, and the joyful feeling of a silent and beautiful night. Take a moment to reflect with Team Silent Night here.

Team 5: LookThink, Drink - Team LookThink Drink brings the party all year round with holiday coasters (new releases to be shipped every quarter) and LookThinker cocktail recipes. Start the party with Team LookThink Drink here

You can read more about the origins of our holiday card competition here


Vote once, but campaign hard. Use the poll below to submit your vote today! Voting closes Friday, November 18th. The winner will be announced on Monday, November 21st!