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LookThink Holiday Card Competition: Team Stranger Holidata

November 9th, 2016

Reminder: LookThink is starting the holidays a little early this year! We’re asking you for your input on this year’s holiday card. Read last week’s blog post to learn more about our holiday card challenge and how you can vote!

Team 3: Stranger Holidata

Team Members: Bethany, Chandler, Pat, Molly 

Initial Ideas

Team Stranger Holidata took stock of 2016 and decided that between one of the best shows to hit Netflix and well, 2016, it was time for a visit to the Upside-Down where the holidays are a little more…data driven. Before they arrived at a timely holiday card theme, Team Stranger Holidata wanted their card to be interactive and reflective of what LookThinkers do. Ideally, the user’s experience with the card would change as it was opened. While the team started with concepts that included magnets (who doesn’t want a LookThink magnet!) and tangrams, the further they brainstormed, the idea of clever data-visualization started to rise to the top. 

From there, it was only a matter of time...

Submitted Concept

Playing on the idea of “the upside-down”, the holiday card starts out showing “normal” data but transforms into Stranger Holidata once you open the card. On the front, the card shows information like where we’re from, how our team breaks up by department, and how our communication tools have changes (we ❤️ you, Slack!).

As you open the card, a stranger version of the graphs are revealed. Jay’s visit helped inspire the idea of using cutouts, foils, and embossing throughout the card. 


Much like the other teams, the original ideas and creativity outstripped the time and budget we had. LookThink Tanagrams could be cool, right? In the end, the team divided and conquered and lead designer Bethany pulled out all of the resourcefulness stops - Team Stranger Holidata didn’t spend money on fonts or assets, instead, Bethany pulled from our culture of assets that we regularly call upon to save time and scope.


Want to vote? Hold your horses! You have three more teams to see! Didn't see yesterday's team showcase? Check out Team Merry and Bright here and Team Advent-urous here. Check back on Friday for more instructions about voting.

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