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LookThink Holiday Card Competition: Team Silent Night

November 10th, 2016

Reminder: LookThink is starting the holidays a little early this year! We’re asking you for your input on this year’s holiday card. Read last week’s blog post to learn more about our holiday card challenge and how you can vote!

Team 4: Silent Night

Team: Lola, Aaron, Erin, Ian

Initial Ideas

Team Silent Night came to their first meeting with wildly different ideas - everyone shared sketches, ideas, examples and since half of the team works in our remote offices, most of the brainstorming was done on Slack. The team also toyed with the idea of virtual reality, holiday videos, and pop-up cards. The team pursued the idea of having a logo with a ribbon or bow - maybe a string to make our logo into an ornament. 

As ideas poured in, two things became clear: LookThink's logo needed to be at the center of the design and snowflakes were a team favorite. Lead designer Lola started working on creating our own, unique snowflake. After Jay’s visit, the idea of embossing, cut outs, foils, and other unique print techniques sold the team on the traditional approach to a holiday card. 

Submitted Concept

Team Silent Night ended at a beautiful and traditional card, with a wink at some of our DNA: the LookThink logo shows through the center of the card, while little hints of design and development tools are carefully placed around the snowflake. The buildings and mountains reference our remote offices - Germany, Ireland, South Carolina, and Colorado while the colors of the logo “light” the buildings. 

The inside of the card was a little more tricky. After a few light-hearted attempts:

We all know its the Holidays,
You're gonna have drink,
So try not to be hungover,
Unlike us, at LookThink

Author: Ian

Aaron married the classic design with a classic statement:

The holidays often flash by
with no time to reflect on how we're blessed.
We wish for you rest and joyful memories
that last a lifetime.

Happy Holidays from your friends at LookThink

When Aaron shared that with Team Silent Night with this description:

The holidays give us time to reflect. Our card represents those silent nights, when snow is starting to fall and no one is outside. It depicts the beauty and serenity of those nights. The nights that you spend time with your family and friends. The nights when you can focus on what's important and meditate on what you're thankful for.

It was a hit with the team:


The most difficult part was bringing a development heavy team (three of four team members are in our development vertical!), spread across several time zones, into the same place at the same time to share ideas. Of course, time is always a constraint, but using unique print techniques, such as embossing and foils, the card came together as polished and carefully designed. 


Want to vote? Hold your horses! You have one more team to see! Didn't see the other team showcases? Check out Team Merry and Bright hereTeam Advent-urous here, and Team Stranger Holidata here. Check back on Friday for more instructions about voting.

Feeling like you need some peaceful, Silent Nights? Get your friends on board about the contest and share using our social buttons below!