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LookThink Holiday Card Competition: Team Merry and Bright

November 7th, 2016

Reminder: LookThink is starting the holidays a little early this year! We’re asking you for your input on this year’s holiday card. Read last week’s blog post to learn more about our holiday card challenge and how you can vote!

Team 1: May Your Days Be Merry and Bright

Team members: Alyssa, Nate, Chris, Clare

Initial Ideas

Team MAB (Merry and Bright) knew they wanted to create a holiday card which people could interact with - something that may fold a certain way to reveal something or could be used to create something new. Maybe the card should be something people play with - whatever it was going to be, it shouldn’t be something the recipient was going to just toss. 

With two team members remote (one of which was five time zones ahead), the team used a google doc to share inspiration.

Submitted Concept

As everyone input their inspiration, it became apparent this card needed to have a die-cut and serve as a decoration. And what do all decorations need? Lights! With a small led light and a LookThink die-cut, card folds into a the tent card gives off that holiday glow you didn’t even know your desk was missing.

Look closely and you’ll notice a few nods to our capabilities hidden within the illustration’s details.


Design Lead Alyssa said the card came together after the team realized they were all sharing similar style card inspirations. Despite everyone’s heads being in the same place, the team faced a few challenges:

  • Remote team members
  • Scope! It’s hard to get all of that custom design done on time!

In the end, Jay Harkey’s visit helped solidify the idea by giving the team physical examples of how various treatments - die-cuts, embossing, creative folding, etc. - could bring the card to life.


The card lives well online, too, with an email card gif, bringing the design to life. If Team Merry and Bright wins, you can also look forward to an online page, dedicated to showing you all the pieces of the illustration and what each part meant.


Want to vote? Hold your horses! You have four more teams to see! Check back on Friday for more instructions about voting.

Know your heart is with Team Merry and Bright forever? Use our social share to spread the word!