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LookThink Holiday Card Competition: Team LookThink Drink

November 11th, 2016

Reminder: LookThink is starting the holidays a little early this year! We’re asking you for your input on this year’s holiday card. Read last week’s blog post to learn more about our holiday card challenge and how you can vote!

Team 5: LookThink, Drink!

Team: Sacha, Joe, Nathan, Rachael, Mia

Initial Ideas

When Team LookThink Drink came together, the initial idea wasn’t A holiday card - it was holiday CARDS. The team thought about how to send cards for multiple holidays, how those cards could be more than just a card - maybe they could be a game? How could LookThink wish our family, friends, and clients happy EVERY holiday? As the team pulled up a list of holiday cards, some of the more silly “holidays” started to make the list. How does one wish others a Happy Day of the Ninja (December 5th) or Merry Cook Something Bold and Pungent Day (November 8)? What about a joyous Be Bald and Free day (October 14th)? 

Several ideas made the short list - playing cards, the LookThink Holiday card game (the team did a lot of research on creating a new game), and a drinking game. In the end, the timeline, scope, and the utter confusion over how to create a new card game scratched those ideas.

It took Jay’s visit for the team to pivot into their submitted concept.

Submitted Concept

When Jay visited, he brought stacks and stacks of samples. Team LookThink Drink was immediately drawn to the coaster. That afternoon, the team met at Lost and Found, shared a beer, and decided that a quarterly release of holiday (silly, serious, or otherwise) coasters was the best idea yet. 

Each team member chose a holiday while lead designer Sacha created a coaster template.

Team members filled out a google doc with holiday facts, phrases, and most importantly, a signature cocktail. Team LookThink Drink presents: Holiday Cheers!

If Team LookThink Drink wins, every quarter, a new batch of holiday coasters will be released, featuring a new LookThinker and a drink recipe. 


The hardest part for Team LookThink Drink was narrowing down the idea of holiday cards to something manageable and then most effectively creating what is, in essence, five different cards. Design Lead Sacha started with the idea to do a custom illustration for each coaster, but with time winding down, he opted for a typographic treatment instead.  


Want to vote? Today's the day! Check out how to vote here. Still not sure who to vote for? Revisit the team showcases:  

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