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LookThink Holiday Card Competition: Team Advent-uruous

November 8th, 2016

Reminder: LookThink is starting the holidays a little early this year! We’re asking you for your input on this year’s holiday card. Read last week’s blog post to learn more about our holiday card challenge and how you can vote!

Team 2: Advent-urous

Team members: John, Aaron, Greg

Initial Ideas

Team Advent-urous started their creative process by reflecting on where everyone in LookThink comes from and how LookThink is made. John is an avid lover of interactive experiences, so immediately, everyone knew the card had to have some sort of interaction, something that would show our clients what brings LookThink to life. Two ideas began to form: an advent calendar and what makes LookThink - LookThink! 

After analyzing our brand, looking at the visuals, colors, and graphic treatments on our site, Team Advent-urous decided the experience needed to focus on our colorful nature and include a location aspect to bring the team together. The overall goal needed to marry technology and digital with print in an interactive way. Originally, the team wanted to use photos and textures of Blagden Alley (where our DC office is) in a video - but with time constraints, the group switched to illustrations and borrowing from the LookThink color palette.

John created several icons for all of our remote locations (Denver, Isle of Palms, Germany, Ireland) and incorporated them into the advent calendar idea with the DC office being the main illustration. Though some of our team is far away, we all come together under LookThink.

Submitted Concept

Team Advent-urous presented a fully integrated print and digital piece. Using an app called Layar  (go ahead and download it now!), the printed card comes to life with a fully animated video. 

Print Version
Using Layar




Design Lead John said the hardest part of leading the team was to work on realistic deliverables due to time constraints and organize everyone’s ideas, but in the end, it was much easier for everyone to be hands on. The more people who were part of the creative process, the more the ideas became refined and ended up with a dynamic piece the entire team contributed to and felt proud of.

Designer tip for clients? Keep iterating and brainstorming! Your first idea isn’t usually the best idea. Bring in new voices and perspectives. You’ll surprise yourself with what you create. 


Want to vote? Hold your horses! You have three more teams to see! Didn't see yesterday's team showcase? Check out Team Merry and Bright here. Check back on Friday for more instructions about voting.


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