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5 Lessons We Learned About Boosting Diversity & Inclusion in Our Workplace

Here are 5 things we've learned in the first year of our journey focusing on diversity & inclusion (D&I) at LookThink.

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Dec 10, 2021 | BY Author Name , Author Position

We formed the LookThink Diversity Hub in June 2020 to bring about systemic change and make an impact in our community, both at LookThink and beyond. 

There’s a little mantra that we have here at LookThink: Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. It’s our reminder that small imperfect change is still progress. Here are 5 things it taught us on our journey to improve diversity & inclusion (D&I).

  1. Focus on all initiatives, not just 1.
    At first, zeroing in on our hiring process initiative felt like a smart approach, but it meant sacrificing progress on the other 2 initiatives we defined: community outreach, and implementing D&I best practices into our own client work.

    Making progress in one area but not the others felt frustrating. We decided that the best solution was to spread the work out across the team so we could devote our efforts to all 3 initiatives equally.

  2. More meetings can be a good thing
    Said no one ever—until now. After the first year of our D&I efforts, we held 1 meeting to reflect on our progress and pinpoint action items to improve it (retros and agile methodology ftw!). While it was great for our calendars, it was bad for our team’s progress and morale.

    Now we meet every 2 weeks and use a set agenda to guide us. This gives us more opportunities to course-correct and have productive conversations.

  3. Leaders drive us forward
    We (hi, Lola, Kyle, and Ian here!) took on the Diversity Hub leadership roles to digest feedback about what worked, what didn’t, and ways to improve. The big (surprising) takeaway was that we needed more leaders.

    We tapped 2 additional people (that rotate out every quarter) to lead each of our 3 initiatives. This helped balance out the workload and increased involvement from the whole team.

  4. Small groups have bigger conversations
    Building a sense of community in a virtual environment is hard. Our solution? Zoom breakout rooms. When people joined small groups dedicated to 1 initiative, conversations exploded.

  5. Spread the (D&I) wealth
    Leading D&I initiatives is a lot of work, especially when the whole company is involved.

    Asking a few people, with an already full workload, to execute on the ideas from an entire company? Not realistic (or fair).

    Making meaningful progress—and avoiding burnout—meant sharing little bits of work with lots of people. Now, we all spend a few hours a week contributing to our 3 D&I initiatives.


Read LookThink's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement Here



To make sure we built our Diversity Hub the right way, we did a ton of research. And we’re excited to share what we found with you.


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