5 Benefits of Hosting Virtual Events

Unsure of whether to cancel your upcoming in-person event? Read on to learn some benefits of virtual events and how they can help.

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Feb 11, 2022 | BY LookThink Team , Problem Solvers

COVID-19 brought unprecedented times for everyone — in-person functions suddenly became unrealistic. As a result, event cancellations spiked and virtual events became the norm. While this doesn’t replace the value of face-to-face interaction, having a virtual event is better than having nothing. Here are 5 benefits that your business could experience: 


1. Wider Reach.

Virtual events eliminate travel and increase reach — now your audience can access your event from anywhere. This is great for your budget, since your event can exclude travel accommodations. The ease of access expands your global reach and opens the opportunity for more attendees and connections. 


2. Time & Money Saved.

There’s no need to book venues, order refreshments, hire security, or set up an exhibit hall. That’s a lot of time and money! Hosting a virtual event is a cost-effective way to provide on-demand support from the comfort of your home. 


3. Easy Networking.

There are many virtual event tools and techniques to facilitate networking for your attendees. This can include live chat, forums, video, and audio. Use these tools to connect attendees, sponsors, and speakers to each other. 


4. Fast Feedback & Lead Generation.

Today’s technology makes collecting feedback easier than ever. Attendees are always on the move at in-person events, but at a virtual event, keeping track is simple. Digital tools — like video conferencing platforms — help you log conversations and feedback. You can use attendee chat rooms, polls, and post-session surveys to gain a holistic overview of your success metrics and attendee insights. 


5. Evergreen Content.

Unlike in-person events, virtual events can exist for a long time. You can record live sessions to make them available for on-demand participation. There’s also an opportunity to repurpose event content for future online marketing. Multi-day events can be expensive, but virtual event costs don’t change because of duration. 

Virtual events have many benefits, but only you can determine if they’re right for your business. A good test is to create one to supplement an in-person event. This is a great way to generate buzz, and you can use the opportunity to establish connections with attendees before they arrive in-person. Need guidance? Check out our advice on hosting successful virtual events

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