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Designing an internet for everyone

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User-first means for ALL users.

Many types of disability can impact your users – from vision impairments, to hearing loss, to cognitive or mobility issues – and prevent them from using your site. With some estimates putting the percentage of disabled Americans around 20%, sites and platforms that don't meet the latest in accessibility criteria are excluding a huge chunk of potential users.

At LookThink, we believe that access to the Internet is a fundamental right. We bring this approach to all of our projects, striving to meet WCAG 2.1 AA compliance in all our work. From accessibility audits, to kickoff and discovery, through architecture, design, and development, our accessibility experts can help you ensure your site meets the latest in Section 508 or WCAG compliance criteria.


  • Audits aim to check the compliance of websites and products by testing a sample of pages. We can help bridge the gap and see what your company can improve on.
  • Every organization is different and the standards for Accessibility and DEI are ever evolving. We take the time at the onset of a project to make sure everyone is clear on requirements, including accessibility and DEI, from the beginning.
  • We advocate for talking to a diverse set of users and pulling together a diverse team to make sure a variety of different perspectives are heard and considered.


  • We have a toolbox with a variety of options for making sure the design decisions we make together meet accessibility standards. We measure things like color contrast and text readability, among other key factors.
  • Each sprint automated tests are run to make sure code is meeting accessibility standards, and issues found are backlogged and prioritized according to client goals.
  • Automated testing can get us into a great place, but the key to ensuring we are supporting accessibility is to incorporate manual testing. Manual testing allows us to check that tasks can be accomplished and all content can be accessed via a keyboard or a screen reader, which is key to a good user experience.
  • Section 508 dictates that your website or application must meet WCAG 2.0 AA to receive federal funding. At LookThink, we strive to meet WCAG 2.1 AA compliance in all of our work - meaning we’ve got you covered for meeting 508 Compliance.

Download our Self-Guided Accessibility Audit

Our audit will help you evaluate the accessibility of your experience and provide helpful tips and tricks to make your website usable for everyone!

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Accessible websites and platforms...

• Reach a larger audience

• Perform better in search results

• Have better overall usability

• Have faster downloading times

• Avoid legal action

• Promote positive brand experiences

Great brands cater to all their users.

Accessibility is crucial to a good user experience. At LookThink, we adhere to best practices early on and conduct automated and manual testing throughout the development lifecycle to ensure criteria are being met – all while keeping beautiful design and brand values in mind.

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