June, 2020 - Washington DC.

As a non-political organization located in a highly political town, LookThink has historically been quiet, or at least - polite - in terms of voicing a public opinion or position on social matters in the interest of inclusivity. However, we cannot in good conscience stay quiet during this time. 

Black Lives Matter.

The grief and outrage that we feel in the wake of George Floyd’s death is matched only by our sincere hope that at long last - the depth of systemic injustice within our society is being brightly and clearly illuminated by the searing, irrefutable and enduring light of lasting responsibility. A responsibility that we cannot look away from and is as fundamental as truth itself.  Whether from the highest office in the land or as an anonymous face on the street, our most fundamental responsibility is clear: treat all people equally - with dignity, fairness, and respect.  

We pledge ourselves in support of Change. Change that is long overdue and undeniable in its necessity. We pledge ourselves in opposition to complacency, tolerance, and ignorance - the enemies of Change. We pledge ourselves to embracing and living that Change every day - as individuals, families, friends, colleagues and citizens.


LookThink Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

As a company whose guiding principles have always been characterized by a zealous commitment to the betterment of human communication and interaction, the fundamental expectation of universal Human Equality has never been a question. We are and have always been committed to the ideal of elevating our shared human potential through a spirit of ingenuity informed by mutual understanding.  That commitment is embedded into the very fabric of our approach and our work.

As such, our passion to both embody and empower the creativity and capability that is inherent within each of us shall never be limited by matters of gender, age, race, creed, sexual orientation or personal identity. Inequalities will not be tolerated.

LookThink is fully dedicated to being a steward for Human Equality - a safe place where everyone should feel comfortable while achieving their full potential.


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