We want everyday to be different.

Spend a few minutes in our office and you’ll start to understand the shared DNA of our team.

We want to juggle multiple efforts. We want to work together to tackle challenges we have never tackled before. And most importantly, we want to work with you to make a true difference to your mission-critical applications, tools, and systems.

Our Team

LookThink team photo

At LookThink, liking each other is just as important as liking the work that we do. We have worked hard to build a team that approaches client challenges with genuine enthusiasm and is hellbent on helping each other grow as professionals. And yes, we have copious snacks and beer in the fridge.

Joe Mallek


Joe’s creative energy, technical savvy, and passion for delivering practical, best-in-class UX solutions have served as the model upon which LookThink has thrived. As President, he focuses on maintaining and growing our client base, mentoring our growing team, and enabling us to deliver work that truly delivers on our clients’ strategic needs.

Joe is a designer by trade, with a Visual Communications & Design degree from the Maryland Institute, College of Art. Prior to starting his own firm in 2006, he worked in IT Consulting, where for 7 years he led teams that provided website, portal, application and interactive design solutions for a wide variety of Fortune 500 clients.

When not focused on work, he is immersed in family life, which usually means chasing his three kids around on the sports field, or helping with math homework.

Chris Brinson


Though he holds a degree in Visual Communication Design, Chris pivoted to development several years ago and never looked back. Chris tackles difficult development problems and creates elegant front- and back-end solutions for LookThink on a daily basis. With his flexible thinking, keen mind for problem solving, and eagerness to learn, he has become the proverbial Swiss Army knife of development for our dev team with particular expertise in Salesforce, jQuery, PHP, force.com, Javascript and Angular.

Outside of business hours, Chris is probably finding a good beer and bratwurst, riding his road bike through the German countryside, hanging out with his new baby boy, or possibly even still on his computer tackling coding challenges for fun.

Greg Bruening


As a Front-End Developer at LookThink, Greg focuses on delivering polished end products to clients using the latest and greatest CSS strategies. With a BA in Art and Graphic Design, Greg provides valuable insight to our team to ensure that designs are implemented faithfully once they move to code. He stays on the cutting edge of the industry, which holds us to a high standard and shows in our client deliverables.

Outside of work, Greg is most likely honing his video game skills or whipping up culinary creations, such as his signature Pan-Roasted Chicken with Harissa Chickpeas (follow @geebru on instagram for more mouthwatering dishes).

Ian Caldwell


Ian joins us from the University of Limerick where he studied computer science after starting out with an interest in video game development. Lucky for us, Ian moved to DC after graduation and joined our team, supporting both front and back end development. Both are interesting to him - “Front end development is about capturing the functionality and bringing something to life, but the back end – that’s the puzzle.” When Ian isn’t cheering up the office by pointing out all of our “Americanisms” he’s exploring DC and looking for the next best thing to bacon and cabbage (we’re taking his word for how good it is.)

Ian’s advice to clients – “We’re a young and energetic group. Ask us questions, challenge us. We want the hard problems.”

Aaron Clemmer

Senior Developer

As LookThink’s Senior Developer, Aaron is our seasoned expert at assessing, scoping, and executing back-end development challenges and swiftly handing them over to our front-end team. With over 15 years in the industry, Aaron brings a wide range of experience which allows him to tackle anything from reporting systems to mobile applications to enterprise-grade website builds. Aaron takes a thoughtful and thorough approach to project work and has an impressive ability to communicate complex development issues to our team and clients alike, breaking them down to a level everyone can understand. Our team and clients alike appreciate the reliable and deliberate nature of Aaron’s work ethic and project deliverables.

Aaron holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Mary Washington - but ditched DC in 2011 and now works remotely from Denver so he and his wife Erin can enjoy crisp mountain air, lack of traffic, and weekend snowboarding.

Erin Clemmer


A developer for over 15 years, Erin has a keen understanding the scope of technical work and how all the pieces fit together. Her expertise includes both front-end and back-end development, databases, mobile development as well as data verification, analysis, and reporting. Her positive attitude and organized nature make her a great team member and project leader that our clients love to work with. Her ability and willingness to jump into any project and contribute is one of the reasons we love having Erin at Lookthink.

Erin has studied both English and Computer Science. She holds an M.A. in English as well - an unusual asset for a developer but one that allows her to analyze problems in a way that many developers cannot.

Erin works remotely from Denver with her husband Aaron, enjoying the local skiing and camping scene.

Lola Fadojutimi

UX Designer

Lola joins the LookThink Design Team from Temple University after finishing her degree in Advertising Art Direction. Why Advertising Art Direction? Where else can you combine a love of design, development, and solving complex business problems?

A constant doodler, you can find her with her notepad, scribbling new ideas and jotting down new inspiration in meetings, at her desk, or at lunch. Her design philosophy is to establish a concept before creating the look and feel - the big idea is more important in the early stages than the details.

Advice to Clients: “Know the personality of your brand - if you like the look and feel of another company, ask yourself if that really fits with who you are and what you do. Stay true to your goals.”

Bethany Flannery

Senior UX Designer

While Bethany would categorize herself a designer, her role has evolved significantly since joining our team in 2011. She is our resident straight shooter with an uncanny ability to synthesize project requirements and ask the right questions to solve problems quickly - so that wireframes and designs account for all the details, big or small. Her innate design aesthetic holds our team to a high standard, which results in beautiful, functional interfaces for our clients.

Prior to LookThink, Bethany worked with design agencies and on marketing teams, designing and coding for Fortune 500 companies. She holds a BFA in Graphic Design from Rochester Institute of Technology.

When she isn’t at work, Bethany is most likely out at happy hour or a concert, but she is just as likely to be home crafting or using her remarkable online shopping skills to find a killer deal on shoes or accessories.

Nate Ginesi

Senior Information Architect

Those people that can do everything - the information architecture, the design, the coding - are sometimes referred to as unicorns. As Sr User Experience Designer, Nate goes beyond that label, creating order out of chaos, the person who is integral from the start to the finish of a project. Clients and team members alike love Nate because of his enthusiasm for problem solving and his zero-ego approach to projects.

Before coming to LookThink in 2009, Nate cut his teeth as the lead designer and project manager of an Akron-based SEO firm where he gained valuable insight into the world of Internet marketing. He holds a Visual Communication Design degree from Kent State University.

When not on the clock, Nate can be found enjoying a cold one at a DC music venue or planning his next vacation, likely somewhere warm with a swim up bar.

Nathan Minarik


Front End Developer Nathan makes your site work. Though Nathan graduated from George Mason University with a degree in economics, his work with data visualization eventually lead him to teach himself coding while working with a start-up.

Nathan works with javascript to make buttons work, forms submit and information populate. Essentially, Nathan’s the developer responsible for the look and feel of the user interaction on a website.

Nathan is a self-taught developer and recommends that anyone involved in the creation of a web product - from website to app to enterprise software - have familiarity with code. He recommends http://codeacademy.com and https://thinkster.io/.

When Nathan isn’t creating code, he works weekends at Old Bust Head Brewery, hikes on Virginia Trails and visits Civil War battle grounds.

Molly Nizhnikov


Molly joined the LookThink team in 2011 as a Project Manager, but her role has evolved to include project strategy, internal administration, and business development responsibilities. Molly ensures that our projects are well-executed - and as a result, clients and staff rely on her excellent communication skills and unrivaled attention to detail.

Over the years, Molly has managed a wide array of projects from large-scale application implementations to website overhauls to strategic marketing engagements. With an English degree from the University of Virginia, Molly also spends time writing content and championing our quality assurance processes to ensure our clients receive polished end-products.

When she isn’t juggling plates at the office, you can find Molly eating, shopping, and strollering her way through DC with her husband and daughter.

Pat O’Leary

Senior Information Architect

With over 15 years in the user experience world, Pat is an invaluable asset. His unprecedented ability to get to the heart of a problem and quickly recommend a solution helps resolve challenges on the spot. He makes clients feel secure and confident because he understands complex issues and can quickly translate them in a way that makes sense to all.

Prior roles at EMC, Acumen Solutions, CVS, Xpedior, and Staples give him an edge as the head of our information architecture practice where he leads discovery, strategy, and user research efforts.

Pat is also our resident story-teller who has unrivaled anecdotes from younger years in other professions from pizza delivery to crime scene cleanup. Outside of work, Pat enjoys weekends on Dewees Island, SC (population 30) where he resides with his wife and three children.

Rachael Pollack

Project Manager

When you walk into a room, it’s easy to spot Rachael because she is the person wearing an ear-to-ear grin. She is LookThink’s resident optimist - the unshakable player that every team needs to tackle the challenges of agency life. As a project manager and business analyst, Rachael manages team work streams, keeps track of all account nitty-gritty, and often directs the strategic vision of projects. Rachael’s business and marketing background and desire to evolve her skillsets have made her an invaluable member of our growing team. Rachael holds a degree from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business.

When she isn’t spreading cheer around the office, Rachael can be found biking, crafting, or watching movies with her equally exuberant husband.

Sacha Potter

UX Designer

A marketing and photography background help Sacha create bold, educated and user-centric designs. His ability to successfully handle any graphics challenge with flexibility and a positive attitude makes him a valuable asset to the LookThink team.

After a few years as a designer in the SaaS software industry, Sacha decided to broaden his horizons and came to LookThink for its wide client base and variety of work. His BFA in Graphic Design and BS in Business Administration provide him with the foundation to really understand each client and their needs.

Outside of work Sacha can be found exploring the outdoors, under the hood of his car or tinkering with a DIY project around the house.

Mia Rommel


If you’re interacting with us on Twitter or Facebook, you’re likely chatting with Mia, who leads LookThinks marketing efforts. When she’s not reviewing SEO results, writing content, or engaging with the online community, Mia serves as a project manager for several engagements. Mia brings over seven years of experience in marketing and project management to the LookThink team; her focus includes resource management, process improvement, and product development.

When she’s not at the office, you can find Mia training for her next race (though she swears she’s done with Ironman), at Crossfit DC, or tinkering in the kitchen.

Rachael Roueche

Project Manager

Rachael R is a recent addition to the LookThink pack. She directed Investor Relations web projects for four years amidst the Blue Ridge mountains in charming Charlottesville, Virginia. After moving up to DC to do her part in the magical startup world, she’s now excited to get back to her roots and put her PM skills to work for a more diverse audience.

When not on the clock, Rachael loves to pop on her pink reading glasses and sip lattes with a good work of fiction. A self-proclaimed francophile, on vacation you’ll find her in France doing that very same thing.

Clare Torrans

User Research

In the sea of projects and client stakeholders, Clare is our tireless user advocate, heading up our growing user research and testing practice.

With a B.A. in English, an M.Ed. in Instructional Technology, and over 15 years crafting complex user interfaces, Clare is able to analyze, tackle, and solve UX challenges for our diverse client base. Clare spent the early years of her career as a Senior User Interface Designer at AOL where she worked on landmark products including AOL Mail, AOL Instant Messenger, Parental Controls, and the AOL.com website. Her information architecture background, passion for finding common-sense solutions, and experience working with development teams translates into deliverables that masterfully merge user feedback, site architecture plans, and technical requirements.

A lifelong Virginian, Clare likes to spend her time planning (and sometimes taking) elaborate vacations with her husband and daughter.

Chandler Tyler

Project Manager

Chandler, a native Virginian, studied Cognitive Psychology at the University of Virginia and then spent several years working for a business intelligence company in Charlottesville. With experience in client relations and product management, Chandler confidently leads projects to the finish line. It also turns out that LookThink was sorely lacking in hair-color diversity, so Chandler gladly fills the role of the resident redhead.

LookThink brought Chandler to DC, and that meant living in a big city for the first time. So far, he is adjusting nicely to the dense traffic, but that's mostly because he wisely chose to bring his bicycle and not his car. You might find Chandler biking through the streets of the Shaw neighborhood or dancing (while cooking) to loud music in his apartment.

John Wander

UX Designer

John has always been interested in the way things work. His curiosity towards function and his attention to detail brought him to User Experience Design. From hand-drawn sketches to the creation of complex web & print material, John brings quality visual solutions to the table. He works with clients to look beyond design and into what the end product needs to accomplish.

“Good design is more than just a facelift… It’s a structure of precisely placed information that works as a network to appeal to a variety of perspectives…”

Originally from Minnesota, John studied graphic design at Minnesota State University Moorhead to receive his Bachelor of Fine Arts. When John’s not at his desk, he’s dabbling in variety of hobbies ranging from the latest in technology, to the latest in outdoor extreme sports. As an avid UX designer and a tech guru at heart, John is always looking for ways to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Aaron Wentt


Aaron is front-end developer supreme for the LookThink team. Whether he’s educating you on the deep cuts from his jazz collection or diving into a pile of Javascript, Aaron approaches every challenge with excitement and enthusiasm. Aaron studied Interactive Design at Ohio University and worked as a developer in DC for 3 years before joining the LookThink team in 2014. Since arriving, Aaron has been creating front-end masterpieces utilizing the usual dev suspects: jQuery, Javascript, Angular, as well as whatever new technology the Web can muster.

When not in the office, Aaron enjoys going to shows and art house movies, as well as collecting records, magazines and books.

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